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So We Practice

So We Practice


In Buddhism, Practice is a path of spiritual development leading to insight into the true nature of reality. It is a path of mindfulness. Todd Griese's book, So We Practice, is a chronicle of Todd's contemplations, his joirneys into nature where he finds his deep meditation, his journeys into nature where he finds his deep meditation, his practice, breathing in and breathing out in the warm Coastal California sun-"the present moment/where true nature/is the only nature." Todd has a profound connection to the earth, which he feels is his witness. For Todd, the ordinary world is transcendent in nature, as it is in the rivers of his grandsons' eyes. For him, everthing is trasnient, everything is sacre, and he hears "the immense silve/of winter's whisper: Holy Holy Holy Holy/everything holy." We are fortunate to be walking with Todd. and to witness with him "a complete confidence in the sacredness of the world"


-Phoebe MacAdams is the author of The large Economy of the Beautiful and the co-founder of Cahuenga Press



"As a seeker, Todd Griese's spirituality inspires me. As a Californian, his Central Coast imagery comforts me. As a composer, music springs out from his words."


-Terry Bozzio, legendary drummer (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons), composer and artist.


About the Author:


Todd Griese is a poet and the publisher at Gandy Dancer Press, a small press dedicated to and spacializing in Collaborative and Mixed-Media Arts. He has published thirty-five Art Broadsides since 2010.


Todd is also the author of Spiritual Lines (2009) and North Fork (2018).


6" X 9" Paperback

Pages: 80

Subject: poetry

ISBN # 987-1-959457-15-2

$15.00, shipping included.

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